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Could these mysterious fractal patterns be the key to beating cancer?

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Remember the last time you had one of those “D’oh!” moments, when something you were desperately looking for – sunglasses, keys, whatever – were right under your nose all along?

Something like that just happened in the cancer research community.

And that something has HUGE implications in mankind’s fight against America’s second largest killer.

Anyone who’s ever worried about cancer – that means everyone – needs to know this…

The current model for diagnosing cancer involves an invasive and not so accurate (only 85%) result. It’s also quite complicated/expensive after the tissue sample is collected, (which can be painful in obtaining depending on the location in the body).

The traditional method of reading the sample involves dyes, biomarkers and specific stains, which are also sensitive to handle. Plus it is hard to differentiate a malignancy at times.

But scientists have now found a less invasive, faster, easier and cheaper method that doesn’t involve special dyes or long needles.

And this cancer-fighting tool comes from the unlikeliest of places: in the fractal patterns found in nature.

Never heard of fractals? Well you’ve seen them, thousands upon thousands of times.

Recall the holidays that have just past, remember that decoration above the fireplace of the spirals in those pinecones. Or, observe the helical pattern of the romanesca vegetable, (literally looks like it’s from outer space), at your next farmer’s market visit.

romanesca 1

Fractals are defined as “a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.”

What’s phenomenal about studying the structural component and the degree of fractals along cell borders in this new cancer diagnosis method is that it allows scientists to distinguish between 2 cancer types – and this time with an astounding 97% success rate.

But the power of fractal patterns stretches far beyond diagnosing cancer…

When we look at our galaxy and its formation, we can see super-clusters of fractal features.

Scientists have even used fractal analysis to uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations.

Just last summer, for instance, a team of German scientists used fractal analysis to discover the pyramid building practice site in Egypt.

In nature, when one observes crystal growth, they result in an almost snowflake like fractal pattern, as well. Crystals ironically have been known to help heal even cancer, such as the healing stone Chalcopyrite, which is known to be calming and aid in regeneration of cells.

Not only that, the fractal patterns noticed in the leaves of a tree are highly similar looking to the fractal pattern of the veins in the human hand and at a finer level to the branching of the tracheal tubes.

I remember my wife doodling trees and leaves as she studied the tiny branches of the alveoli in her gross anatomy days.

There is no coincidence there.

tumblr_muy9gcCFRc1qm0fxxo1_500 2

Fractals: an insight into what our deepest, truest nature looks like?

It’s clear that the patterns helping us create on a macro level, are the same ones that help us in diagnosing disturbances on a micro level. They are in fact, a mirror same when viewing their function.

The trees that help us breath oxygen resemble the inner organs and circulatory system that thrives off the same oxygen.

The fractal pattern of the erosion of our soil, the earth that grounds and feeds us, resembles the inner erosion of our cells borders, resulting in cancer, in a disease of the cells that thrive off that  same very earth.

But this one-ness, this fractal symmetry both figuratively and literally, is not only limited to our physical being…

If a fractal is “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced-size copy of the whole,” (self-similarity), then Gregg Braden, the bestselling  author of Deep Truth, Fractal Time, says that all of the manifested universe can be described as fractions of dimensions, or fractalic, while the whole dimensions themselves are of infinite measure.

And so from the whole dimensions are derived the finite dimensional parameters which define what we know of as space and time.

“The universe is my mind and my mind is the universe.” –neo Confusion saying, 12th century.

509233main_M33_image 3

If we can then find these fractal patterns within ourselves… in our cells as these scientists have discovered, and deep in our soul…then this is how true healing can possibly begin.

Oh, and leave a comment too: What fractals have you seen today?



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