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How To Really Heal Your Soul

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Imagine for a moment that you are enveloped in a translucent, multicolored orbit, pulsing with magentas, greens, blues and oranges, enfolding you to the width of your arms stretched outwards. And just millimeters above your skin, there are streams of golden yellow light that shimmer and flow through your acupuncture meridians.

The Luminous Energy Field.

Between your skin and the membrane of this field are currents swirling to fuse into whirlpools of light.

This forceful reservoir is a sea of living energy that is vital our health just as is the oxygen and nutrients carried by our bloodstream. The energies of the Luminous Energy Field are said to be the purest and most precious fuel for life. The ancient Indian and Tibetans believed that when the vital reserves in this mysterious Luminous Energy Field are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, that is when our bodies suffer disease.

The ancients described these depletions in the Field as soul imprints. Ultimately, one would want to erase these imprints so that the body, mind, and spirit can return to wellness.

Some people walk through life with their misfortunes and repeat these ‘mistakes’ and patterns, always attracting the ‘wrong’ things or people.

Well according to Master Energy Healer Carol Tuttle (a.k.a. “America’s Most Trusted Healer”), all these patterns are a direct influence of your energetic imprint.

“Energy blocks, social conditioning, traumatic experiences and other negative energies muddy up the lens through which our souls shine…This makes it hard for us to see our soul’s guiding light, and to hear its wisdom,” and she goes on to say, “This leads to feelings of emptiness, lack, scarcity and a feeling of being disconnected from the flow of the universe. For so many of us, our lives feel like a struggle. This struggle is often expressed through financial trouble, and feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the pressures of work and making ends meet.”

Sound familiar?

The Luminous Energy Field contains information that can kill us or heal us, in the same exact way that the DNA encoded within us is a double helix that holds the formula for longevity as well as the inherited health issues that can plague us.

Like a blueprint for our body.

But it’s not the same as an architectural drawing of a house that cannot change. This luminous template is continually influenced by both the positive and negative incidents and energies we experience during our lifetime.

If we leave traumas and negative energies as unresolved, we attack the blueprint. If we find peace and serenity that can unravel these negative energies at the innermost layers of our Field, then we energize the soul to fuel wellness and attract positive to our Field instead.

carol soulprint healing

Carol calls this “Soulprint Healing.” She’s holding an illuminating session  where she will introduce you to your unique ‘Soulprint’. Then, she’ll take you through a sensory journey into your Soulprint, and unlock your ability to reprogram it to the tune of affluence, love and wellbeing.

Save the date: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 6PM PDT/7PM GMT…and RSVP with this link now  to reserve your complimentary spot today.

This is one event your soul will not want to miss.


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