The Keys to Spiritual Success That Will Change Your Life

by Amish Shah May 01, 2014

People have a tendency to perceive the terms “success” and “wealth” as synonyms in their minds. This, however, is not necessarily true. Although wealth can be a part of success, it is not necessarily linked. Success can be described as a feeling of self-fulfillment through the achievement of various personal or professional goals.

We could even go as far as to say that success is an embodied emotional state. It is an objective, not an object to be acquired. That being said, the most important area we have to work on in order to reach any specific emotional state is our inner selves. Through enhancing our spiritual nature, we can do just that.


These Two Words May Seem Like Synonyms, But…

The words “spirituality” and “religion” are two more expressions we often perceive as one and the same. Spirituality is the sum of your inner being. It is everything inside you that is not physical. Your spirituality consists of your thoughts, your desires, your feelings and your view of life. Simply having religious beliefs does not necessarily mean one has a deep sense of spirituality.

Nowadays, there are countless paths available to travel a more spiritual way of life. This kind of living encourages people to truly embrace self discovery and a relationship with the Universe. In order to succeed in a way that is both admirable and healthy for yourself, you need to first work on your state of mind and inner peace.

Become More Full by Giving More to Others

We all want to be successful on some level. Some may desire to have a great career while others want to be very wealthy, but the basic need is the same. Interestingly enough, it is not rare for people who have achieved their goals to still sense a feeling of emptiness. For some unknown reason, an empty spot inside of them was not filled by those achievements.

The reason for this is actually quite simple. When we plan out our lives the way we want them, making lists of goals we want to reach, we usually forget one very crucial realization: reaching those goals is not always enough for self-fulfillment. Reaching the goal is not the reward. It is the journey along the way that should be emotionally rewarding by having the experience.

When you visualize yourself in that state of self-completion, make sure that vision is not only clear, but whole as well. Make sure it is not focused on only the materialization of those hopes but also on the way to do it. Have a clear purpose and intention behind your desires.

5 Simple Ways to Create a Brighter Future

Knowing we have the ability to achieve a sense of deeper spirituality and that we can improve our chances for success in life, let’s take a look at the ways to do this:


1.) Be Generous

The number one way of getting in touch with your spiritual self is through kindness. Kindness is the greatest form of being devoted to the happiness of others. Nothing is more rewarding for the soul than being a giving person. I am sure you have heard of the expression, “You get what you give”.

If you view money and positivity as something to hold on to with clenched fists, you will never have any capacity for generosity. Share the wealth and positive vibes with others and you will be pleasantly rewarded.

2.) Be Thankful

Being grateful about the things that we have at each time will mathematically lead us to having more. We have to remember to give our thanks to the divine power in which we trust inside ourselves and to those who help us along the way. When your attitude towards your relationship to luck is positive, you might just find yourself continuing to experience prosperity. Simply put, always count your blessings and be fully aware that they are just that: blessings.

3.) Believe You Are Deserving of Your Desires

In order for good luck and success to become part of your life you must first be open to receive them. If you are negative and self-conscious, constantly believing that you are not worthy of these blessings, you block the flow of positive energy into your life. Creating these energetic blocks makes it impossible for good things to happen even when you work hard for them.  When you know you have put effort into something and have done your best, be grateful when receiving the fruits of your labor!


4.) Be Focused

For any task to be done correctly, two things are required: focus and persistence. In order for anything to grow we have to give it our time and attention. Our success is just like planting a seed. We need to water it and then give it love and attention as it grows from a tiny sprout to a healthy plant. Keep your eyes on the prize and with dedication you will experience reward faster than you might realize.

5.) Be Respectful

Attitude is a critical factor when it comes to the realization of any dreams we have. The way we treat others is a direct reflection of the way we view ourselves. A person with a deep sense of spirituality learns to respect and value their highest self; therefore, they take better care of themselves and others as well. They respect and value other people by treating them with compassion and openness instead of suspicion and cruelty. In conclusion, by respecting yourself and others, you open more doors that can lead you to prosperity of all kinds.

Find Your Way to Success by Embracing Your Spirituality


Our lives are filled with stereotypes such as “success means being rich” and “spirituality is nothing but odd and unusual practices”. It is high time that we broke free of these walls and spread our wings toward a life where we give words meaning instead of creating untrue stories.

Decide on your own what meaning you want to give to these words. Decide on your own whether you want to simply achieve your life goals or reach the state of self-completion and fulfillment we all crave for. Deep down, you know that even if there are several paths to reach a destination, whether easy or hard, the only road you need to travel is the one that will make the trip and your arrival worth the journey.

If you enjoyed reading about spirituality as a path to success, remember this is just one of many ways to ‘bend’ reality, tap into powers beyond your conscious existence… and connect with your infinite self.


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Amish Shah
Amish Shah


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