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The Secret Benefits of Giving That No One Told You About

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Author: Akhela Sri

Countless campaigns nudge us to be more charitable, to give to all sorts of different causes. As powerful as their ads may be there is something that they never include. That are the numerous ways in which living can be the path to a better living!

The Charities Aid Foundation conducted a Gallup survey in a total of 153 nations to get a picture of how popular philanthropy is and how many people take part in charities. The same people were polled about how happy they are with their lives.

The results of this study were quite amazing. The researchers concluded that large portions of the world’s population either gives money to charity or volunteers for a good cause. Almost half the world (45%) helps at least one stranger every month!

Philanthropy is evolving. Are you?

Philanthropy is becoming more prominent these days.

However, due to that fact, it is changing with the times. For example, many organizations now operate through online social media. These technological platforms are used to raise awareness and offer people who have limited time or tight resources the opportunity to contribute voluntarily in different ways.

Whether it is simply sharing a photo to show support toward a movement or a one-click $1 donation to a cause through a credit card, being charitable has become so simple that there is no excuse to not contribute. We now possess all the means necessary in order to give back to society.

Why should I give back?

Truth be told, not everyone understands why charity and philanthropy are as important for the giver as much as they are beneficial for the receiver. We could simply say that it is something like a reflex to these kind souls. The generosity in their heart simply compels their brain to help.

However, not all people feel the desire to donate to charitable causes. Perhaps scams of the past, money problems or a fast-paced, tight-scheduled reality have made us cautious of how we spend our money and somewhat neglectful to others in need. Perhaps it has nothing at all to do with the kindness in our hearts, but rather the reflection of our empty wallets or jaded perceptions.

When we forget to give back or refuse to help someone who has absolutely nothing to offer to us in return, who are we actually neglecting? We could claim we are neglecting those who need us, but in reality, it is our very soul that is becoming malnourished.

How is our soul connected to giving?

What is our soul and how do we nourish it? Our soul is a collection of our emotions, our thoughts and our personality. It is the essence that animates our bodies and defines who we are, what kind of lives we lead and how we treat others. To put it more simply, our soul is everything that makes us who we are.


Kindness, generosity and other personality traits like these are part of our souls and spirituality; therefore, in order to nourish our souls properly, we must cultivate all these positive attributes. The act of giving back to society and helping those in need is both the spoon that feeds us and the food that nourishes our well-being.

Francis of Assisi wrote, “For it is in giving that we receive.” What he meant is that the reward of giving is the act of giving itself. The gift is not a physical prize or measurable praise we might get out of our actions.

Here are five ways in which giving and being kind can improve your quality of life:

1.) Feel lighter. Feel happier.

Quite often our lives become too much for us to handle, especially as working adults. Trying to balance responsibilities in this mad world can be stressful. Making time to volunteer can keep ourselves grounded, grateful, and away from despair.

For example, when we see people who have less than we do yet they remain in positive spirits, we realize how lucky we are and learn to count our blessings. Also, by hearing their stories of struggle, we come to understand that anyone at any time might be found in the same position.

2.) Feel healthier. Be healthier.

The number one cause for all psychosomatic health problems is stress. This is because when our brain goes into overdrive with negative thoughts our nervous system sends out certain impulses. Our hearts beat faster and our adenoids release toxic energy.

We are always worried about one thing or another. Do we have enough time? Do we have enough money? Are we on the right track? Can we accomplish our goals? These are just a few of the questions that distract us from remaining present.

By giving, we can actually reduce this stress. The moment we do something kind for another person, there is a feeling of positivity and love that fills our hearts. This chemical reaction shields us away from the toxins our system produces when we are worried, anxious, or under pressure. The less stress we have in our lives, the healthier we become both physically and mentally.

3.) Learn how to be a team player and meet new people!

Who among us has not had moments of boredom and loneliness? Even if we have the busiest of schedules, when we do have spare moments we can feel off-balance. Due to our jam-packed planners we quite often become more solitary by simply not making the time necessary for socializing.


Giving and volunteering can actually help with this! Why not head to an animal shelter and spend time among creatures in urgent need of help and affection? You just might meet new people who share the same passion for spreading goodwill.  Wherever you decide to volunteer holds a potential for socialization and forming bonds.

4.) Learn the meaning of gratitude.

Regardless of whether we give or receive something in life, every time an exchange of a gift is made, there is gratitude involved. Being thankful or creating that experience for someone else are both two very special feelings. The act of giving brings on a wave of love, and where there is love, there is hope and happiness. Gratitude creates a chain reaction of positivity and abundance which is an integral part of our physical and mental well-being.

5.) Believe in yourself!

It is not rare for any of us to go through periods of low self-esteem in life. Not being able to see our self-worth can create devastating outcomes. It leads us to making poor decisions because we do not realize what we truly deserve. Helping others and being a good samaritan is great for getting in touch with our inner light. It can help us reinvent ourselves and find our lost admiration for the personality we so tirelessly forged.


Do more, be more, have more!

Being charitable and kind makes a huge difference, not only in other people’s lives, but in yours as well. If someone gets to experience a single day of happiness because of your charity, then what are you waiting for? As the saying goes, “God helps those who help others.” Not a bad deal, right? Try it and see the results yourself. Good Luck!


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