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The True Benefits of This Tea Will Have You Reaching for Another Cup!

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There is nothing quite like sitting in your favorite easy chair curled up by a roaring fire with a steaming cup of tea in your hands. There’s something very comforting in enjoying a hot drink. Chances are you don’t get to cozy up to that fire too often but even when you are sipping your tea you can recreate that inviting moment wherever you might be.

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Tea is an exceptional beverage not only for its relaxing, warming effect but also because of its many proven health benefits. The herbs and spices found in many teas have been used as medicine for thousands of years.

We hear a lot about green tea these days as everyone is looking for an easy way to lose weight. Take a moment to notice if you are drinking green tea with your daily cheeseburger and fries and expecting results.  It’s probably not going to fix your problem. How about teas that don’t get as much publicity? Have you tried turmeric tea?

What is Turmeric?

In the “tea”, turmeric is a spice made from the ground up root of the actual plant. It looks similar to ginger root and has a vivid yellow-orange color that is sometimes even used as a natural dye. It can be found mainly in India and China. Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years (, 2012).

In the root, there is an antioxidant called curcumin from which most of the health benefits stem. Immediate perks such as efficient digestion to long-term use in assisting critical viruses such as HIV (, 2012) are just some of the benefits of this root. It’s true that many teas have antioxidant properties but turmeric seems to stand above the rest when it comes to potential uses for the body and soul.

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The Root of All Healing

According recent laboratory findings, the curcumin found in turmeric has shown signs of slowing the growth of cancer cells. Though the research is still in preliminary stages, the proof is enough that the spice and tea have been recommended to patients as an herbal supplement to aid with the effects of their crippling conditions (, 2012).

In ancient times, the spice was used for nearly every kind of ailment around. If you had a headache – turmeric. If you had a nosebleed – turmeric. If you were bit by a bug – turmeric. Even today, if you choose a more natural route for pain relief, you can juice or steep turmeric as a tea instead of buying over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why fill yourself up with chemicals and pills when you can have a soothing mug of tea? Taking a little time-out for yourself relaxes the body and refreshes your spirit.

Boiling Up Some Turmeric Tea

Probably the most well known version of turmeric tea currently circulating the internet from Dr. Sanjay Gupta. His daily drink consists of almond milk (1 cup), turmeric (1/2 teaspoon), cinnamon (1 teaspoon), honey (1 teaspoon), and ginger (1/4 teaspoon). All of the ingredients are heated and mixed together (, 2013). The combination of these earthy elements sound warm and invigorating even right here in black and white.

This is just one of the ways in which the spice can be used in tea and you’ll notice that you don’t need too much. A little bit goes a long way as far as receiving the relieving benefits. You might even want to try it like Dr. Gupta by drinking it in the evening to take full advantage of its calming effects. It will work just as well as your normal bedtime tea.

Okay, But How Does it Taste?

This isn’t a conventional cup of tea like the one you’d see on Jane Austen’s side table. To some, it does taste a little unusual at first but think about the first time you tried coffee or even green tea for that matter. Chances are it wasn’t love at first sip.

If you can’t get through the day without a dose of tea or coffee, give turmeric tea a chance. Treat yourself to a natural, healing cup to unwind with at the end of your day.

Less aches and pains, a stable tummy, a revitalized mind, and even a good night’s sleep await you. Cheers!

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