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This weird incident I had in the shower will leave you questioning your own life purpose (Part 2 of 3)

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Part 1 of this story can be found here.

Back in 2010, when I was surrounded by more wealth and success than I’d ever had, I experienced one of those watershed moments that sticks with you for life.

Let’s call it The Bathroom Incident.

There I was, soaking under my lavish open-air shower overlooking the Pacific Ocean…

When I realized my life was completely meaningless.


Because everything around me, apart from Puja, was a LIE.

The Ferrari and the Maserati in my garage weren’t for me. I wasn’t even that into cars.

This huge villa I was living in wasn’t for me. I’ve always been more of a cozy pad kind of guy.

The businesses I spent 12 hours working on every day weren’t for me. I had no interest in the cutthroat internet marketing industry I was serving.

Heck, even a lot of the powerful people surrounding me were bad for me. And I found myself often lost in a cloud of smoke, alcohol and parties.

Whose life was I living here exactly?

Was this really me… or was I squandering my precious life energy on becoming a person I’d hate to be stuck with on a desert island?

You’ve probably had a similar moment of clarity in your past.

Moments where you realize that the goals you’ve been chasing, and the people and objects you’ve surrounded ourselves with… are not honoring the highest manifestation of your SELF.

It can happen in your career. In a relationship. Or in any big life decision you’ve ever made.

The result? Pain. Discomfort. Self-loathing.

And a burning urge to rediscover who you really are.

By the time I turned off the tap and reached for my towel, the path ahead of me was clear.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you the astonishingly simple mind shift that helped me rise above my crisis.


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