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Want Subconscious Superpowers? Destroy Your Alarm Clock.

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By Joscelyn Duffy

FACT: Unconsciously relying on an alarm clock to wake up every morning could kill you, because doing so is one of the ways you’re sabotaging an immense superpower that has been with you since birth.

Many of us diving in to the realm of manifesting our intentions know of the power of the subconscious mind in making our dreams a reality, but do we stop to consider that we can use it to aid us with countless facets of our lives,…such as to sound an internal alarm, for as simple a purpose as to wake up at a given time, or as profound a feat as to save one’s own life?

Imagine waking up at exactly the intended time, without an alarm or song blaring in your ears, or worse, forcing you to have to get up and walk across the bedroom to turn it off.  What if you could wake up feeling fully refreshed, and on time for your day, simply by spending a few seconds with your subconscious mind before you sleep?

A Vast Programmable Portal

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

– Lao Tzu

The conscious mind is vastly limited in focus and capacity as compared to the subconscious mind, which holds all of our knowledge and beliefs from this life and those past.  It is where we have coded and internalized messages that we may not be fully aware of, and the point from which we can tap in to our true potential in this life.

My excitement with the power of the subconscious mind began with the reading of Dr. Joseph Murphy’s The Power of the Subconscious Mind many years back, before the power of intention or the like were really in vogue.  He spoke of “discover(ing) the miracle working power of your subconscious by plainly stating to your subconscious prior to sleep that you wish a certain specific thing accomplished.”  Being open to all things new and being a willing party to test any theory, I started with an attempt to initialize my internal alarm clock.

Following what I had learned from reading Dr. Murphy’s book, I took the few minutes before I fell asleep, when my conscious mind had relinquished its ongoing train of thoughts, and programmed directly in to my subconscious mind: I am waking up at 6:15a.m.   There were no magic sirens or confirmation of receipt of the information I fed directly in to the depths of my mind, and so, I shut my eyes and fell asleep.  At 6:13a.m. I awoke, with my subconscious not only honoring my intention, but also allowing me two bonus minutes to just be before leaping out of bed to start the day.

I went on to use the same technique to live without an alarm clock (and never be late for a day of work!) for several years.

Just How Limitless Is the Mind?

As with any new realization, the true enjoyment is often found in testing its limits.  I already believed in planting the seeds of our intentions in our subconscious (always stating them in present terms, as though they already exist), and having them come to life in the perfect time and place.  That part seemed logical and easy.  But when life threw me the grand challenge a life-threatening illness to overcome and a immediate transition from a budding career and ability to run marathon to a debilitated state in bed with just a few meager waking hours a day, I had the ultimate platform upon which to test my new discovery.

Alright subconscious mind, I know that I can collaborate with you to wake me in the morning, attract great relationships or overcome addictions, but how about to save my life?!  Game time!

Strategically using an organic vegan diet to heal, exercise to fuel and meditation to reset were already part of my game plan, and there was no doubt that those factors kept me alive when medical odds said I could easily have left this human plane.  However, I had an unrelenting knowingness that I was meant to grow stronger once again to get back to sharing all that I was learning; and I was willing to test the power of my subconscious mind in having me do just that.

And so, instead of my nightly routine involving a gentle request to my subconscious to wake up at 6:15a.m. or to manifest that which I already held within, I opted to use the window of opportunity to have my subconscious be the ring leader in the coordination of the healing of my body.

“My immune system is in full peace with my body,” I fed in to my mind just before my eyes shut for deep sleep.  “My kidneys are brimming with health and vitality. I am free from debilitating fatigue.  And I am basking in abundant energy,” I added.

Granted, these new requests were moderately more significant that asking for a wake-up call, so I graciously allowed them a little more time to materialize.  Scientifically, I knew that my subconscious mind could communicate with my cells, which could then take the healthy mantras and share them with the rest of the cells that were currently finding their way back to full health.

Reality Will Salute the Subconscious

My Nephrologist was a bit of a wise guy.  My case of lupus nephritis was one he predicted to easily leave me with kidneys operating at thirty per cent of capacity, if not take my life (especially with his outward disdain for my choice to heal in a natural way, without intense drug therapy).  I’ll never forget the day I sat in his office like I had countless times before.  He whipped out that crusty dulled yellow medical folder and review my blood test results without ushering a word.  He contorted his face with the review of every result, and gradually looked up in sheer perplexity.

“Nobody comes in to my office with kidneys this pristine,” he said with a sly tone.

In spite of his often too serious demeanor, he knew that I kept a light-hearted approach to life, even in the toughest of times.

“Well then, I guess that ends our relationship,” I replied back.

He professed to never being able to fully understand what it was that I had done to heal.  He knew his research and drug doses inside and out, but natural remedies, energy work and the power of the subconscious mind were out of his wheelhouse.  All he could say was that he couldn’t argue with test results.  I took it as the world’s giant thumbs up and walked out of that office for the last time, with kidneys happily operating at full capacity.  I went to sleep that night and asked my subconscious to allow me to sleep in as reward for all our collective hard work.

My story is one that can be yours to, in any facet of life.  And so, we ask: What intentions will you send through your subconscious mind before sleeping tonight?

Wishing you the manifestation of all possibilities, and the realization that we can indeed defy all odds!




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