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What 40 Years of Studying Ancient Knowledge and Meditation Can Do

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Dr. Pillai started his journey of acquiring and teaching ancient knowledge 4 decades ago. At one point, he says he didn’t know if there was any new content or ideas to explore.

But it was from that moment, he was able to understand exactly how to apply this ancient wisdom in a modern life to get in tune with creating or achieving a goal.

With his countless years of studying and teaching spiritual knowledge, plus applying the science behind it all, he has cultivated a way to be able to conceive the point of your want or desire to the place of manifestation and answer some of life’s most pressing questions.

“Why are things the way they are?”

“How can you bring forth your higher purpose?”

Check out this enlightening interview with Dr. Pillai on his answers to these questions, as he explores deep topics like Kundalini energy and much more!




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