About Us

The Project:Yourself (P:Y) tribe is seriously in tune with the idea that modern mind-body-spirit tools and ancient technologies such as meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, and creative visualization can be some of the best answers to overcome the overwhelm and stress of daily modern life.
In order to restore balance and help guide you toward self-realization, we created a program comprised of awesome techniques for individual and global transformation that unify ancient wisdom and modern science in an exhilarating, holistic way. What we have researched and put together can seriously affect you at the level of your DNA—which makes the Project:Yourself methodology particularly interesting. 

We ship from our warehouse in Encinitas, California; however sometimes from our overseas locations. We take pride in our products and where we source them from...so your patience is truly appreciated. 

Don't forget : A percentage of every order goes to support various charities and non-profits around the world…so again - THANK YOU for supporting our mission to help the world. 

Need help? Email us at support@deeporigins.com! 



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